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In this advanced MyHeritage webinar hosted by Legacy Family Tree Webinars, you’ll learn about all the new features and improvements to the MyHeritage mobile app.


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QA-Systems automatisiert AUTOSAR-C++14-Kodierungsstandards

Auf dem Embedded Software Engineer Kongress in Sindelfingen zeigt QA-Systems das erste kommerziell erhältliche Tool zur automatischen Anwendung der neuen AUTOSAR-C++14-Kodierungsstandards an.
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netdespatch | netskope important interview questions and answers for freshers

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Netskope Software India hiring Information Research Engineer
Netskope Interview Experience

Difference between Public Cloud & Private Cloud?
What is meant by Hybrid Cloud ?
Advantages/Pros of Hybrid Cloud ?
Disadvantages/Cons of Hybrid Cloud ?
Define Public Clouds?
Define Private Clouds?
What is the difference between IaaS & PaaS in cloud ?
What is Google Cloud Platform?
What is AWS Cloud Formation?
What are the benefits of cloud computing?
What are the DRAWBACK of cloud computing?

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In today’s biopharmaceutical market, sampling your product is critical during every step in the manufacturing process. Watch our new NovaSeptum Sterile Sampling videos to see how we can help you process the way you want.

From your bioreactor to final sterile filtration, the NovaSeptum® sampling system lets you sample processes the way you want. Flexible formats and volumes adapt to your process for robust, reliable monitoring and quality assurance.

And with our UNIQUE, patented technologies, you get FASTER turnaround time between samples while minimizing loss of product and the risk of contamination. Now that’s AMAZING.

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1. How to Set Path.
2. Explanation basic Terms like JDK java Development Kit , JRE (java Runtime Environment ), JVM java Virtual Machine, JIT i. e Just in Time Compiler,Interpreter .
3. How to Write the Java Program.
class(keyword) Hello(User Defined Word){

public static void main(String arg[]){


After Writing the Program.
1.Save the Program in your Working Dir.
1.1 by what name should i save the Above prog.
We can Save prog. by any name .java Ext..

2. Compilation:
Step 1:
(—-Compiler——Hello.class(Byte Code)(P.I)
Compiler task:
1. Checks the Syntax (if No Error )
2. .class(byte code)(this byte code will be generated by the name of(class name you have written.).
3.file name:
class name : Hello
.class File : Hello.class
1.(Creation does’t depends on file name by which you are saving the Program.)
2.Class File Creation Depends on. class Name.
3. .class file Creation not Dependent on Main Method or Object Creation.
How to Run Java Program ?
java .class_file_name (which contains Main Method.)\

java Hello

In Order to Run the Program We must have to Provide the .class file name which Contains the Main Method.

Q.A Program How many Main methods it can COntains.?
n-number of main Method it can Have.

. If source File Contains any one class as public then you must have to save the program by the class which is public.

Very Very Important

In the Source File how many Classes can be public ?

Ans. Only Once class Can be Declared As Public. and The File name must be Saved by that public class name itself.

Please watch: “Object Class Methods in java With Examples ”

Java Training Center i.e JTC is professional software

training institute in noida and delhi, JTC Provides Practal

hands-on training , Summer Trainig , Corporate Training ,

College Campus Training, Customized Training According to

requirement with job assistance on the basis of freshers and

experience. JTC is also provides trained man-power/resource

on java , j2ee ,Spring ,Struts , hibernate ,XML , Webservices


JTC videos URL by Som Sir:

JTC Course Details by Som Sir

1. Online Core for beginners:

2.Online java class :- Object class Methods in java i.e

java.lang package

3.hashCode , toString , equals methods in Java Object class:

4.Core Java Basics classroom recording:

5.Exception Handling in Java

6.Multithreading in Java

7.Garbage Collection in Java

8.Object Oriented Concepts in java

9.Interview Question in java

10.String Class in Java

11. Servlet in java

12.JDBC in Java , java data base Connectivity in java

13.Enum in Java

14. Literals in Java

Contact JTC i.e Java training Center for any Corporate and

College Campus Training at: 9990399111 / 9990699111
Our Branches:
Noida : C-29, Sector-2,Noida
Greater Noida: Alpha-1st ,Kasana Tower, Greater Noida.
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The College video  DBCOP

Everytime you may want to move forward in your life, while moving ahead just put your foot on brake. Just pick up the camera and start a shoot, no matter whether your friend or your family is star in it. just be the director of your own life. Everything after your just negotiating your fees and your budjet
: And here we are with a another year full of happiness,troubles, some giggles and lot more memories

Director :- *ADL Photography*

Video and Image sources:- Third Year

Special thanks to :-DBCOP Family
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HomeNSW Family Day
Care Association
NSW Family Day Care AssociationA Family Day Care Scheme is a network of experienced and registered carers.About Us Helpful InformationNQF InformationUseful ContactsResourcesBoard AreaPositions VacantContact UsPEAK Training
Peak TrainingPEAK Training is the NSW Family Day Care Association’s own not for profit (RTO) Recognised Training Organisation approved by (ASQA) Australian Skills Quality Authority under (AQTF) Australian Quality Training Framework. About Us RTO InformationTestimonialsFundingNewsContact UsCourses Bite of single unitCredit Transfer, RPL + RCCTrainers AreaHandbooks Student HandbookTrainer HandbookNSW In-Home
Care Services
NSW In-Home Care Services The NSW In-Home Childcare Services (NSWIHCS) is an educative In-Home care brokerage model funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. It is sponsored by the NSW Family Day Care Association Inc. About us Our Mission StatementOur PoliciesOur TeamUseful LinksContact UsInfo for Parents The BenefitsTestimonialsThe ProcessLogin for FamiliesLogin for Sydney Metro FamiliesInfo for Educators The BenefitsTestimonialsThe ProcessLogin for EducatorsLogin for Sydney Metro educatorsInfo for Service Providers Login for service providersThe ProcessFAQService Providers WesternHunter and NorthRiverinaSydneyIllawarra and SouthProfessional Support
Service Provider
Professional Support Service ProviderProfessional Support Service Providers (PSSPs) deliver professional development, training, resources, support and advice to staff and management of eligible child care services.About Us CSCentral Training CalendarFee for Service TrainingCoaching, Mentoring and SupportPSSP Trainer LoginEducatorsParents Info

Family Day Care SearchEnter your postcode to search for
your closest Family Day Care Service

Welcome to Family Day CareA Family Day Care Scheme is a network of experienced and registered educators who provide care for other people’s children in their own homes. Educators have been carefully selected and supervised, and operate under the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Educators and Coordination Units are accessed and rated against the National Quality Standard to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Children aged between the age of 6 weeks and 12 years are nurtured in a small group setting and through the Educators individualised programming, are encouraged to further develop their skills and knowledge.

For further information on any Family Day Care Co-Ordination Unit within NSW, please call us on freecall: 1800 157 818, press ‘2′ and ask to speak to a Project Worker.
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Weld quality inspection and assurance in diary industry is still not enough implemented in new plant facilities. There is still much to win without spending more money. Tell what you need and check what you get could be your first step!
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Welcome to the Unturned GangZ server. Once we figure out how to leave the base, we head out to do some solo looting in the towns. Then we get settled in by building a bedroom to store some stuffs.

Server (Teams/Members)

Oozing Pus Buckets – The OPB (Blue Bandana)
ChimneySwift –
Lapis Lauri –
Tydeesigns –
Cubulous –
ChiefChirpa – Channel coming soon!
Etho – That’s me!

Negan’s Boyz (White Bandana)
VintageBeef –
Dmac –
CthulhuToo –
Fox –
Draax –
Syrkaz –

The Stanky Leg Boys (Green Bandana)
Generikb –
DahlDantill –
Darkphan –
Maz –
Welsknight –
GentlemanGames –

Undecided Freelancers
PmsProxy –

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International architectural competition design, Sidra Medical Research Centre Staff Housing, qatar foundation, by de Rham architectes, Switzerland.
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If interested please contact me at [email protected]
More details can be found here:

I am seeking for opportunities as Lead Animator, Cinematics director and Game Producer.
My Objective

 To continue expanding my creative passion for game design, animation and films, and keep bringing exciting and new interactive experiences to the video game audience.
 To continue developing a strong leadership and charisma that inspires others and brings success to every project involved.
 To keep exploring uncharted territories, and keep innovating technically and artistically.

My Personal Profile

I have over 20 years’ experience in the animation industry and 14 years in the game industry. I had a natural career progression, from animator to Lead animator, from Animation manager to Producer, and during this progression I have published 15 console and PC titles, covering a large range of gameplay and animation styles, and learnt every step of animation and game development process.

I consider myself as a creative individual who is always coming up with new ideas, new designs, new ways of doing things. But also I have an industrial engineering background that gives me a strong analytical skill to breakdown problems, define pipelines, schedule projects, write tools and analyse data, etc.

I am a natural leader, I have managed, scheduled and lead all kind of teams: from small to large (150+), from rushed projects to R&D projects, from commercial ventures to internal pitches, etc. using different styles of management and scheduling. I am a very likeable and respected character and never afraid of facing new challenges, someone who keeps pushing enthusiastically the standards of his work and his team, and someone who is always committed to excellence.

Also I have a strong knowledge in game design and game development, 3D animation, filming, storytelling and fine arts. On my own time, I am always researching for new tools, techniques, reading articles and playing many many video games.

Career Achievements

• Animation direction and supervision for 15 titles, as renowned as 007, Dead Space, Ice Age, Batman and Disney franchises. With more than 14 millions copies sold worldwide and received several awards.
• Highly skilled animator in cartoony and photo-realistic styles, as well as experienced in rigging, facial, motion capture, animation engines, rendering pipelines and scripting.
• Storyboarded and directed around 8 hours of realtime and pre-rendered cinematics. From the story creation, storyboard, pre-visualizations, animation production, rendering, in-game implementation and QA. For photo-realistic projects, also I casted and directed motion capture and in some projects I also directed the voice over performance.
• As Animation manager, I have directed and supervised up to 90 animators and technical artists and as a Producer over 150 game developers. I am highly skilled at scheduling and managing multiple teams and disciplines, from technical to artistic. I have been responsible of all the In-game animators for five projects, the Character Rigging team, the Facial team, the Cinematics team and the Motion Capture team, as well as outsource animators.
• I have worked closely with publishers like Sony, EA, Activision, Disney, etc.; licensers like Eon films, Blue Sky, Warner; third party developers like Autodesk, ImageMetrics, Vicon; casting agencies, sound studios, etc. I have drafted contracts, negotiated deals, liaised with clients, organised events, etc.
• I have co-designed and co-written games like Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Batman Begins, Dead Space Extraction, Goldeneye 007, which gave me the opportunity to solely design 007 Legends and become Creative Producer for this title.
• I have commercialized one of the largest Motion capture studios in Europe, as well as a 3D Facial scanner. Responsible of budget, commerce, and marketing planning; website design and showreels, leaflets, etc.
• I have researched animation techniques used in the CG film industry like specular and normal map facial scanning , full body motion capture performance, facial real-time mapping, virtual camera, etc. and integrate into our game pipeline to increase quality and workflow speed
• I have worked very closely with engineers to develop a state-of-the art animation engine
• I can program in Javascript and Lua languages, and I am at the moment working on my own mobile games.

Join us with Session 1 of our updated and fully remastered version of ‘Learn the Bible in 24 Hours’ with Dr Chuck Missler

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Human Head Transplant

First time in the internet World. Technical Robot Presents the Virtual University Lectures in HD format Also in HD Result. This Channel Brought to you By Technical Robot.. Virtual University have the W Category Education on your Doorstep. In This Channel you have the Learn about. Please like and Subscribe My Channel for More Videos, Assignment, GDB, Quiz and much more…….. Provided By Technical Robot List of Videos Lectures with Proper Numbers and Topic vise Also… BIF401 Bioinformatics I, BIF402 Ethical and Legal Issues in Bioinformatics, BIF731 Advanced Bioinformatics, BIF732 Advanced Computing Approaches, BIF733 Bioinformatics I (Essentials of Genome Informatics), BIO101 Basic I-Biology, BIO102 Basic II-Chemistry, BIO201 Cell Biology, BIO202 Biochemistry-I, BIO203 Methods in Molecular Biology, BIO204 Principles of Biochemical Engineering, BIO301 Essentials of Genetics, BIO302 Molecular Biology, BIO303 Biochemistry II, BIO502 Genomics, BIO731 Advanced Molecular Biology, BIO732 Gene Manipulation and Genetic Engineering, BIO734, Advances in Cell Biology, BIT701 Introduction to Programming, BIT703 Database Management Systems, BIT710 Computer Network, BIT715 Software Project Management, BT101 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-I, BT102 Microbiology, BT301 Introduction to Biotechnology, BT605 Bio safety & Bioethics, BT720 Thesis, BT731 Modern Biotechnology: Principles & Applications, BT732 Genetics & Genomics, BT733 Bioethics, Bio security and Bio safety, BT734 Research Methods in Biotechnology, BT735, Advances in Fermentation Technology, CS001 VU-Computer Proficiency License, CS101 Introduction to Computing, CS201 Introduction to Programming, CS202 Fundamentals of Front End Development, CS204 Cyber Law, CS206 Introduction to Network Design & Analysis, CS301 Data Structures, CS302 Digital Logic Design, CS304 Object Oriented Programming, CS310 Open Source Web Application Development (PHP, PERL, CGI, My SQL), CS311 Introduction to Web Services Development, CS312 Database Modeling and Design, CS314 Introduction to Cellular Networks , CS315 Network Security, CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming, CS402 Theory of Automata, CS403 Database Management Systems, CS405 Database Programming using Oracle 11g, CS406 Web Based Database Applications, CS407 Routing and Switching, CS408 Human Computer Interaction, CS409 Introduction to Database Administration, CS410 Visual Programming, CS411 Visual Programming, CS431 Wireless Communication, CS432 Network Modeling and Simulation, CS435 Cloud Computing, CS441 Big Data Concepts, CS501 Advance Computer Architecture, CS502 Fundamentals of Algorithms, CS504 Software Engineering – I, CS506 Web Design and Development, CS507 Information Systems, CS508 Modern Programming Languages, CS510 Software Requirements and Specifications, CS519 Final Project, CS601 Data Communication, CS602 Computer Graphics, CS603 Software Architecture and Design, CS604 Operating Systems, CS605 Software Engineering II, CS606 Compiler Construction, CS607 Artificial Intelligence, CS609 System Programming, CS610 Computer Network, CS611 Software Quality Engineering, CS614 Data Warehousing, CS615 Software Project Management, CS619 Final Project, CS701 Theory of Computation, CS702 Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design, CS703 Advanced Operating Systems, CS704 Advanced Computer Architecture-II, CS706 Software Quality Assurance, CS707 Network Security, CS708 Software Requirement Engineering, CS709 Formal Methods for Software Engineering, CS710 Mobile and Pervasive Computing, CS711 Software Design, CS712 Distributed DBMS, CS713 Object Oriented DBMS, CS716 Advanced Computer Networks, CS718 Wireless Networks, CS720 Thesis, CS721 Network Performance Evaluation, CS723 Probability and Stochastic Processes, CS724 Software Process Improvement, CS726 Information Retrieval Techniques.
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