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Did you know hiding away inside the world of your computer are little lost pixelated people looking for a new home? No?! Well don’t panic – there is still plenty of time to fix up a nice home for them and prepare a wonderful life for your adoptees!

Who knows? Maybe they will become happy enough to start families of their own and live on within your computer for generations!

Welcome to Virtual Families 2 – another lovely simulation game by Last Day of Work! Blending the passage of real-time with random events and the personality quirks if your virtual adoptees, Virtual Families 2 focuses on building up a nice home for your pixel family and encouraging them to advance in their jobs, personalities, and even find love! If you do well your little ones will thrive and prosper – perhaps even getting pets, children, and new hobbies of their own to enjoy!

And, well… if you don’t do so well… ahem, well its a nice thing they’re just pixels after all, isn’t it?

Join Seri the Pixel Biologist as we dive into Virtual Families 2 and try our hand at raising a prosperous small family who can live for generations under the watchful eye of our Pixel Biology Community!!

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• Seri is a biologist-in-training with an intense passion for plants and filling her house to the brim with finches, potted plants, and biology “specimens” that look oddly like snail shells, mossy, and twigs covering every available surface.

She is also big into spreading her love of the natural world through the entertaining medium of story-telling through video games! Jump on in and see what our amazing, animal-loving, plant-studying community is all about! And remember, stay curious!

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